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4.13 Update from

JUMO smartWARE SCADA Software Update

1.) The JUMO smartWARE SCADA is now also available in Spanish and French. Other languages can be added on request.



2.) Virtual signals can now be created. These internal values have the same range of functions as normal signals. To create them, you only need to create a signal without a Datasource, Data connection and Address.

Virtual signals can be used as auxiliary values for formulas, reports, scripts or animations.



3.) The "Commissioning" tenant area has been removed and integrated into the "Configuration" area, making operation and setup of the application much more efficient by eliminating the need to change areas.


See also release note version 4.9, point 4). The first functions from "Commissioning" have already been added to "Configuration".

The brand new Conditionbrowser contains the last missing functions to make the "commissioning" area superfluous. It makes it possible to list and search for all past and current

across all tenants. It lists when one of these events occurred (raised, lowered) and where it is located.



4.) With the new release, you can quickly switch between the individual tenant areas: Dashboard, Configuration and Administration. This means real time savings during project planning and in everyday JUMO smartWARE SCADA work.



5.) Each configuration object now has an AuditLog, a change log that transparently shows how the object was changed and which target values were set by a specific person. Power users can obtain a detailed view of the configuration changes via the button on the right-hand side.

The AuditLog can be used to quickly trace what happened to the object last. It corresponds to an extract from the Control Operation Archive.


6.) It is now possible to change the order of the self-created tabs in the Personal Dashboard according to the respective preference.


7.) The following applications are now provided with newly designed JUMO favicons. This allows you to quickly recognize in the browser tabs whether and which JUMO product is involved.


8.) The New Sensor Generation from JUMO is equipped with innovative SPE technology, which enables a direct Ethernet connection from the sensor to the JUMO smartWARE SCADA. The so-called "Smart Device Wizard" creates the technical prerequisites for the fast connection. It allows sensor signals to be sent to the cloud quickly and easily. The JUMO hydroTRANS S20 and the JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 are currently available with SPE technology.


9.) As of now, there is only one Widget: Camera, which combines the "Live camera" and "Camera archive" widgets. It is now possible to switch between live camera and archive (button top right).

Old camera widgets are automatically migrated to the new widget.


10.) New functions have been added to the JUMO variTRON family, which can be used from system version 8. Under "Device info → Cloud Gateway → State" you will now find the occupied buffer memory in addition to the status, if the device has to buffer due to a missing connection to the server. The following functions have also been added:



Deletes the configuration on the device that was sent from the server to the Edge Gateway.


Deletes the buffer memory on the device.


Deletes the configuration that was sent from the server to the Edge Gateway and the buffer memory on the device.


Restarts the JUMO Cloud-Gateway (Edge Gateway on the device).

11.) The following topics have been added to the FAQ section:

12.) Bug fix and system maintenance

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