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What is the difference between Live Data and Historical Data?

Historical Data is permanently stored in the system and can be used for evaluation at any time. Live Data is usually sent more frequently but is not stored in the system, but only temporarily in the browser cache.

Both Historical Data and Live Data are generated on the Edge Gateway or Cloud Gateway (variTRON, etc.) and then sent to the Cloud/SCADA system.

Live Data

Storage: In contrast to Historical Data, this data is not stored permanently in the Cloud/SCADA system, but is discarded immediately. Only the user's browser, which accesses a dashboard, displays it and stores it briefly in the cache.

Recording interval: Live Data is sent from the cloud gateway to the cloud/SCADA system every second, provided the "Permanent live mode" function is activated in the Web Cockpit (active by default). The "Sampling rate (polling) in [ms]" specifies how often the data from peripheral "Modbus TCP" or "S7 TCP" devices is sampled. This does not apply to OPC UA connections. Here, the sampling rate is set using "Data connection".

The "Sampling rate (polling) in [ms]" determines the averaging of the Historical Data".


Systemversion 8


Historical Data

Storage: This data is stored permanently on the cloud/SCADA system. It can be accessed and analyzed at any time via various user interfaces and widgets.

Recording interval: The intervals at which the Historical Data is recorded in the Cloud/SCADA platform and sent by the cloud gateway can be configured in the signal. There are various modes, such as "Average value" (default: forms the average value in the set period from all recorded data) or "Last measured value" (saves and sends only the last recorded value, suitable for fill levels, for example).



Further information

It is recommended to deactivate the "permanent live mode" only if it is necessary to save data, e.g. because the application works via SIM card. This does not affect the storage of historical data. If the permanent live mode is deactivated, it is still possible to switch it on for a short time in order to obtain live values. See: "Widget: Live mode". After approx. 15 minutes, this is automatically deactivated again unless it is set to "Offline" prematurely. If the mode is activated, the cloud gateway only sends a Live Data value every 10 seconds.


Systemversion 8

From system version 7

From system version 8


Connection to the Cloud

Cloud or SCADA connection

Indicates whether the Cloud Gateway is activated and used or not. It does not indicate whether the JUMO Cloud or the SCADA is accessible.


Target server

Specifies the system to which the Cloud Gateway data should be sent

  • JUMO Cloud

  • JUMO Cloud

Target: JUMO Cloud

  • Individuell


Target: JUMO smartWARE SCADA, Audako, third-party systems with suitable MQTT client structure in the broker

Individual URL for configuration

SCADA URL for Configuration

Individual URL for connection to a SCADA (configuration)

Individuelle URL für MQTT


Individual URL for connection to a SCADA (MQTT Broker)



Is generated in the JUMO Cloud or SCADA and must be entered here



Is generated in the JUMO Cloud or SCADA and must be entered here

Permanent live mode

Permanent live mode

Active: Live data is sent to the IoT system every second.

Inactive: Live data is sent together with historical data. (Setting individually via signal configuration)

Cycle time for live data [ms]

Sampling rate (polling) in [ms]

Specifies how often the data from peripheral "Modbus TCP" and "S7 TCP" devices is sampled. The average value for sending historical data is calculated from the sampled data.

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