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How to enable MQTT over Secure WebSocket?

What is Secure WebSocket: Only from SCADA versions greater than 4.9 this is activated by default.

  • Switch to the SCADA path: cd /opt/JUMO_Scada/JUMO/
    Or change to the path where the SCADA was installed.

  • Shut down SCADA: docker-compose down

  • Edit file“conf/rabbitmq/enabled_plugins”, e.g. with vim or nano.In the file there is a line which is structured like this [ … ]. The following string must be inserted before the closing square bracket (without quotation marks): “,rabbitmq_web_mqtt”.The whole line should then look like this:[rabbitmq_management,rabbitmq_auth_backend_cache,rabbitmq_auth_backend_http,rabbitmq_mqtt,rabbitmq_web_mqtt].

  • Save file

  • Restart SCADA: docker-compose up -d

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