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Event Category

Event Categories are used to group Events. This facilitates management, as the Event Categories can be used to define the behavior of the entire Group.

  1. By selecting the "Event Category" button, you can edit a Category that was created earlier. A new Event Category is created via the Plus button.

  2. Assign the name of the Event Category in the Basic Configuration. The Description field is optional. The "Group" field shows the Client in which this Event Category was created. The path is generated automatically by the system.

Advanced Settings

  1. Select the alarm type. This field has no active function, it is only used for personal categorization of the alarm.

  2. If the Acknowledgeable slider is enabled, the Event becomes acknowledgeable.

  3. Optionally, any desired color and icon can be assigned to the Event Category.


The AuditLog is a change log that transparently shows how the object was changed. For some objects, it also shows which target values were set by a specific person. Power users can use the button on the right-hand side to get a detailed view of exactly what has been changed in the configuration.

The AuditLog can be used to quickly trace what happened to the object last. It corresponds to an extract from the Control Operation Archive.

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