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Q2 - Update of 07/09/2021

1.) Administration and User Management were revised. There is now a configurable payment variant, a standard role (for public tenants only) and a distinction is made between system roles and individual roles.


2.) The “Commisioning” area was extended by an overview of the available active data sources.


3.) Missing English translations were incorporated into the IoT platform.

4.) User invitations can now be provided with the required rights. The user automatically receives the invitation once accepted:

5.) Data pump developed to convert data formats from PCA 3000 or SVS 3000 into data formats for JUMO smartWARE SCADA or JUMO Cloud on request. Take your old data with you to the new world!

6.) Activation of a JUMO smartWARE SCADA license now very easy online via with the activation code from JUMO. (Offline activation also possible if required).

7.) Installation assistance now provided by JUMO smartWARE SCADA Installation Wizard. Simplifies server installation many times over.


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