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A Sub-client is a Tenant that is subordinate to another client.

Add Sub-clients

A new Sub-client can be created using the "+" button. The prerequisite for this is the "Create" access right in User Management.

The following screen opens:





Name of the Sub-client


Short description of the Sub-client (optional)

Payment method

Flat rate or pay-per-use available for selection. The payment methods specified in the offer apply. This setting serves as an overview and is currently without function.


Specifies whether the Client is activated or deactivated. If a Client is deactivated, this client and its sub-clients can no longer be accessed. This function can be used to lock sub-clients.

Administration Client

Specifies whether the Sub-client becomes an Administration Tenant.


Specifies the maximum contingent of signals and data sources of the sub-client.

Sub-client Options

The menu is used to access the sub-client options. Settings can be made here.

Edit Quota

In this area, you can edit the maximum Quota for sub-clients.


Edit Clients



In this area, you can edit the following attributes:




Name of the Sub-client


Short description of the sub-client


Specifies whether the client is activated or deactivated.

Move Clients

This option allows you to move clients under another client. All users and all elements of the client are also moved.

A client can only be moved under a client with sufficient quota.

You can then select the desired client via the checkmark. The client now becomes a sub-client of this client.

Delete Clients

This option can be used to delete the client.


Open Administration for Sub-clients

This button opens the Administration of the individual sub-clients. The configuration options are the same for both a client and a sub-client.

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