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Data Storage

To ensure that the user does not have to rely on high server capacities, a distinction is made between Cold Data and Warm Data.

Cold Data

Cold Data = Raw data

The Cold Data is located in the Datastore. The user can convert this to Warm Data via the menu item Evaluation Time Range.

The data from the variTRON 300, variTRON 500 or other device is transferred to the Datastore via Rest-API.

Stored Cold Data consumes less server resources than activated Warm Data!

The Cold Data in the Datastore is very secure due to tamper detection!

Warm Data

Warm Data = Evaluation data

The Warm Data is located in the Dataview. Cold Data becomes Warm Data after you have defined via the menu item Evaluation Time Range which Cold Data is to be activated and thus converted into Warm Data. This data can then be evaluated via a Dashboards.

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