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JUMO Cloud – The IoT Platform for Secure Process Management


  • Condition monitoring

  • Reports and individual reports

  • Visualize and animate process images

  • Cascaded alarming

  • Control systems

  • Control and evaluate batches

  • Start and stop programs

  • Event management

  • Evaluation of historical data

  • Data export

  • Multi-client capability

  • Display geographic maps and location changes historically


Responsive Dashboards, which offer individual design options, are provided in order to utilize these features as intuitively as possible. You can use Clients to ensure that only persons or groups who are authorized actually have access to data. Client management is extremely agile. It is possible to assign users their own flexible roles and access rights for the clients.

With the JUMO Cloud, you can monitor your systems flexibly, independent of location and infrastructure. Only Internet access is required.

Want to use the Cloud offline and host the application yourself? No problem! For this purpose, we have the "JUMO smartWARE SCADA" for you, software that was developed on the basis of the JUMO Cloud and differs only slightly in terms of "look and feel".

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